Chainvu Zone Managers

Providing central command and control, automation, and security to your smart supply chain

Central Command & Control, Automation, And Security

Chainvu1bWhile our sensors can be read from a smartphone one at a time, for larger operations moving dozens (if not hundreds or thousands) of pallets, crates, or containers rapidly, more automation and centralized control are required to manage all connected sensors and antennas.

To provide this high level of automation as well as command and control over a larger number of sensors, Chainvu's Zone Managers are high-performance industrial grade computers equipped with significant memory and a 32-bit processor. They communicate via Ethernet or WiFi (for network communications within the building) and Bluetooth (for back-and-forth communications with the sensors). 

In addition to unlimited sensors, Chainvu Zone Managers can also connect to small, low-power RFID antennas (up to four antennas per Zone Manager) for precision location management. These are hardwired into the Zone Managers and are typically placed besides loading dock doors or doors to facilities where commercial exactness is required. This allows you to automatically verify shipments, quickly take inventory on pallets, and much more.

Benefits Of The Chainvu Zone Manager

Complete Live Tracking Solutions

All our Zone Managers are equipped with USB ports, allowing you to add wireless barcode readers, a cellular connection, and GPS connection. If you require a complete live tracking solution, simply add cellular and GPS to the Zone Manager via USB.

Versatile, Scalable, and Adaptable

In addition, Zone Managers can be powered by wall mount (115 volt), over Ethernet, or over 12 or 24 volts in a truck trailer. This makes our Zone Managers versatile, scalable, and adaptable to any situation, so you can install Zone Managers in your warehouse, loading or receiving bays, on your trucks, or any other location where they are needed.

Automatic "Store & Forward" For Continued Operation

As long as Chainvu's Intelligent Sensors are communicating with their assigned internet-connected Zone Managers, you will get live, real-time updates and notifications.

However, if the truck isn't equipped with a Zone Manager or the Zone Manager loses internet connectivity for a short period of time, the sensors automatically go into “store and forward” mode. In other words, sensors continue to track all desired parameters and download the data as soon as they can connect again. The Zone Manager then re-synchronizes the missing data subset into the Postgres cloud database.

Minimal Latency & Highest Fault Tolerance

Chainvu Zone Managers also contain a software web server that can serve up all local in-use applications to smartphones or tablets. Because of its impressive computing power and application software, it can serve the data to smartphones, tablets or anything else used in operations.

We do this to so you can have minimal latency (sometimes you simply cannot wait 10 minutes and need to know in real-time) as well as highest fault tolerance by not purely relying on cloud connectivity alone like other sensors on the market do.

Actionable Output

The Zone Managers will typically have a week of data stored locally but can access the complete history via the cloud, but even more importantly it allows you to receive immediate proactive output to guide your operations real-time to prevent potential product damage.

Depending on the use case, this data output could be displayed live on large screens to visualize the tracking and monitoring for your employees, or collated and printed on local printers to provide the necessary documentation required for shipping, et cetera.

Maximum Security

Chainvu Zone Managers ship with the minimum software configuration. They are securely T-coded into the Chainvu server, and are given the specific configuration for their function at customer premises. The relationship between the sensors and the managing units is like a secured two-way street: The Zone Managers keep track of and receive encrypted data from all certified Chainvu Intelligent Sensors assigned to them. They won't accept data from any other party, and the sensor won't give data to any other party other than the certified Chainvu Zone Manager.