Asset Management
Increasingly goods are being stored and shipped in or on reusable platforms such as pallets, reusable plastic containers, totes, or barrels. These reusable platforms are more sanitary and have a lower environmental impact than single-use platforms but are more expensive to manufacture. Chainvu monitors the condition, status, and history of these assets, providing proof of cleaning or sterilization, reducing theft and breakage, and driving superior asset utilization and ROI.
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Lean Logistics
As in lean manufacturing, lean logistics focuses on the elimination of various wastes such as product spoilage. One of the best ways to reduce waste is to ensure on-time delivery and maximize the efficiency of the supply chain. Lean logistics practices are at the core of what we offer. Our goods are watching your goods at every step to identify the potential of waste as early as possible.
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Inventory Management
Once goods are associated with a Chainvu agent, through scanning or APIs to client ERP or WHM systems, Chainvu has full visibility of the goods until they are removed from the platform. That means you can locate any item, anywhere at any time.
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Food Safety
We go beyond what’s required to keep you and your customers safe. Chainvu sensing exceeds FSMA requirements for accuracy, frequency, and immutable logging. It does this across the entire supply chain, enabling producers to effortlessly monitor goods while in their own custody, while in transit or storage and as they arrive at their customer.

We also go beyond compliance by offering active food safety and process improvement. Chainvu food safety applications provide vital instructions to all people and systems at every step. Then, we confirm that each step is completed and the results are stored in an immutable record.
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Pharmaceutical Safety
Chainvu sensing exceeds all requirements for accuracy, frequency, and immutable logging. Our systems provide peace of mind across the entire supply chain from producer to end dispenser, and in some cases to patients. We also play a significant role in product security, including input components as well as end products.
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