Industry applications

Get a head start on the competition 

The best time to plan for success is before a shipment begins its journey. Chainvu makes it easy to associate every physical asset with a corresponding SKU, lot number, and special instructions. The smart contract written into the Chainvu blockchain then takes over. It provides information about product security and integrity at every predetermined step of the trip.


ChainVu Components

Agents are autonomous components embedded in your distribution infrastructure. Once on-board, they can be instructed to gather whatever real-time information you need to protect your shipments and your profits. Whenever the agents are connected with Coordinators they report live. If they are not connected they store up data and actions for the next time they are connected.
Coordinators operate as continuous connection point for Agents. Coordinators are constantly gathering mission-critical data and providing it in real time to the heart of the Chainvu solution which provides end-to-end Oversight.

Through Coordinators, in context with the local site and SKU of goods, Coordinators manage the health, security, and configurations of all Agents and Sensors. They also gather and process all local data providing live local services, with minimal latency, even in the event of Internet service loss at the site. Coordinators receive their own configuration and data specific to their location and their role in the supply chain from Oversight, as well as handing over responsibility to from Coordinator to coordinator as goods progress through the Chain. As directed by Oversight, Coordinators may execute smart contracts on behalf of the goods.
Oversight does exactly what its name suggests. It provides the high-level oversight that manages all Coordinators and Agents ensuring goods protection and tracking throughout the supply chain.

Oversight collects raw and processed data from all Agents and Coordinators providing management dashboards, with managed access by organization and role, for each supply chain and its members. Auditable food/pharma safety and sustainability reports are generated and archived by Oversight.
Smart Contracts, Compliance
Eliminate human error for greater accountability.

Blockchain-based smart contracts have already had a significant impact on logistics, accelerating shipment acceptance and payment, potentially eliminating considerable delay, and costs.

More importantly, we believe that an immutable, end-to-end safety record of a product’s life from creation to final sale can provide unprecedented security for producers, distributors, and consumers. That’s why Chainvu operates its own smart contract service for the Chainvu community, and interacts with trip-level smart contract services operated by other parties, with Chainvu going beyond Electronic Proof of Delivery based solely on arrival, adding goods level integrity as a condition of acceptance.