How The Chainvu Platform Works

Chainvu consists of several hard- and software components that together create a complete smart logistics solution.

Chainvu Smart Logistics Platform

Intelligent Sensors

Chainvu's Intelligent Sensors are your ears and eyes on the ground — constantly assessing your products' environment and location for potentially damaging or harmful conditions, such as temperature or humidity changes.

Zone Managers

Chainvu Zone Managers are the central command and control unit for all your Intelligent Sensors and Antennas — providing the platform's security, fault tolerance, management, and local services.



Cloud Services

Cloud Services provides a business application layer on top of the sensor data, e.g., 100% traceability, product safety and integrity monitoring, provenance, regulatory compliance and food safety audit documentation, and more.


Oversight is essentially Chainvu's actionable insight engine — providing you with instant notifications of detected exceptions as well as live dashboards and real-time reporting for all relevant stakeholders.

Features & Benefits

  • 100% Traceability
  • Supply Chain Wide Visibility
  • Reduce Spoilage & Waste
  • Data You Can Trust
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Say goodbye to paper-based “One Up, One Back” tracking — trace your products across the entire supply chain.

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Easily fulfill regulatory compliance requests and consumer demands by tracing your products from farm to fork.

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Confidently verify which products are part of a safety incident recall and have to be disposed of.

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Improve the efficiency of your entire supply chain by gaining precise visibility from farm to fork.

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Provide detailed provenance information to today’s discerning consumers to build trust for premium brands

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Act upon real-time notifications and alerts to protect your product’s integrity and safety — even after it has left your hands.

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Measurably reduce spoilage by constantly monitoring the conditions your products are stored and transported in.

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Instantly get actionable alerts if an exception to pre-defined parameters, e.g., temperature or humidity, has been detected.

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Extend your product's shelf life by determining the “Best By” date based on spoilage-causing factors rather than an arbitrary date.

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Because our data is loaded automatically from our CIS modules, you can trust that it is tamper- and error-proof.

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Our focus on enterprise security and efficient management keeps your data, devices and apps secure and up-to-date.

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All data is stored in the Blockchain, a decentralized ledger with shared, consensually verified blocks of data visible to all members.