Chainvu Oversight

Instant notifications, live dashboarding & real-time reporting across your entire supply chain.

Actionable Insights Through Notifications, Dashboarding, Reporting

As a member of this supply chain, whether you are a producer, distributor, or packaging and shipping company, until now the only information you had available to you was provided by the supply chain member before you.

This traditional "One Up, One Back" paper trail not only causes trust issues but makes it impossible to effectively trace products back to their origins (provenance), ensure product safety and integrity with confidence, or identify potentially contaminated products quickly. 

With Chainvu's smart logistics solution based on the blockchain, it's possible. Chainvu Intelligent Sensors collect a LOT of information about the environment and conditions your products are in while making their long way from production to consumer.

There are three ways you can benefit from that information:

1) Instant Notifications On Individual Events

Notifications are an immediate, live alert if an event occurred outside of predefined parameters — for example, the cooling system failed and your products were exposed to temperatures that accelerate the spoilage process. The purpose of notifications is to enable people to be proactive in preventing product wastes and ensuring highly accurate operations.

2) Live Dashboarding

Dashboards, on the other hand, correlate different data sets across a whole facility, corporation, or supply chain. They are driven from the cloud and therefore include all historical records ever collected in that facility, corporation, or supply chain.

Customize your dashboards to fit the information needs of your audience. For example, executive dashboards could include a high-level overview of specific key performance indicators (KPIs) like the number of potential food safety incidents this month/year, while your on-the-ground team needs actionable insights into your commercial inventory management, food safety records and investigations, and process adherence across the company.

3) Real-Time Reporting

Reporting across a whole facility, corporation, or supply chain has been extremely difficult, if not impossible, until now. With Chainvu Oversight's real-time reporting capabilities, reports can be created on pretty much anything we collect information on. For example, a Zone Manager in a specific location can create a food safety report for a specific load or all loads this month/year within seconds. These can then be archived in the cloud and added to the blockchain — making them immutable.