Chainvu Intelligent Sensors (CIS)

Ensure product integrity and safety by constantly monitoring for temperature, shock, moisture, pressure, and other environmental changes.

Product Safety & Integrity Through Intelligent Monitoring 

Fraud, spoilage, and product safety recalls are not only a costly, reputation-damaging, and embarrassing normality in the food and pharmaceutical industries, but can also result in a dangerous gamble with people's lives. Until now, 100% traceability and monitoring were impossible as paper-based checklists and hand-cranked databases were the only way to keep track of your products as they move through the supply chain.

Thanks to Chainvu's Internet-of-Things (IoT) enabled Intelligent Sensors, you can now keep track of your ingredients, substances, and finished products at all times — even when they have moved farther along in the supply chain — by monitoring the environment and location they are in:

  • IntelligentSensor (2)Temperature. Whether you need to keep your product at room temperature, refrigerated, or frozen, Chainvu lets you know immediately if a preset temperature threshold has been exceeded.
  • Motion. Keep track of your product's movements at all times, e.g., get a real-time notification when it leaves the warehouse or sits in a truck too long.
  • Location. With Chainvu's Intelligent Sensors you always know exactly where your products are located. Should they be moved outside a predefined zone, you will be the first to know!
  • Shock. If your products are high-value yet fragile, e.g., medication stored in breakable vials or pasture-raised eggs, Chainvu allows you to monitor them for shock impact and possible breakage.
  • Humidity. Many pharmaceuticals and food items react to humidity. Chainvu's Intelligent Sensors monitor the moisture levels surrounding your product and alert you if preset levels are met.
  • Light. If you are concerned about the light sensitivity of your products, let Chainvu's Intelligent Sensors monitor the light surrounding your product along its journey and receive instant updates if it gets exposed to too much/too little light.
  • Vacuum / Pressure. To prevent damage or spoilage, certain pharmaceuticals or other high-value items, such as cannabis products, are often vacuum-packaged. Chainvu's Intelligent Sensors will notify you if they detect loss of vacuum.

Whatever conditions you want Chainvu to monitor, you can rest assured that you and all supply chain partners sharing the same blockchain get live notifications. This enables you to take immediate action if needed to prevent further damage. 

Benefits Of Chainvu's Intelligent Sensors

Choosing Chainvu Gives You Options

Chainvu's Intelligent Sensors are small, robust, and wireless sensor units that can be used standalone, attached to one of your own pallets, high-value products, or containers for a particular trip, or permanently attached to internal or external pools of pallets, shipping crates, RPCs, and other transport containers. This means you are not married to a specific pallet option, and you have the agility to adapt as your business needs change!

Scalable Solutions Suitable For Small Family Farms To Large Enterprises

The ability to continuously monitor when all participants in a supply chain participate: from the smallest family farm to large commercial operations.

Chainvu's Intelligent Sensors connect to either a smartphone or to Chainvu Zone Managers — making this the perfect solution for any size operation. Small operations, such as family farms, can keep their technology investments at a bare minimum and read one sensor at a time using their smartphone, while large food production or pharmaceutical companies can automatically and rapidly process thousands of pallets in an industrial or commercial environment using the Chainvu Zone Manager.

Dynamically Configurable

Unlike other sensor solutions on the market, Chainvu's Intelligent Sensors are dynamically configurable. This means that the sensors are versatile for pretty much any scenario, yet they are configured specifically to the goods they are protecting in the context in which they are being managed — even when they are not connected to the network. 

Low Energy Consumption

Because individual configurations are used to manage the specific sensors, the sampling rates are matched to a sensible level in order to manage power and functionality. Our sensors communicate with the Chainvu Zone Managers or your smartphones through a low energy Bluetooth connectivity — extending the battery life of one sensor to five to seven years.

Over The Air Software Upgrades

Imagine finding a software bug after having invested a million dollars into a new pool of IoT-enabled pallets with sensors. Now, you will have to recall those pallets and upgrade the sensor — resulting in huge disruption to your business operations! 

Not with Chainvu's Intelligent Sensors! Our sensors' software is centrally maintained via Zone Managers, not in the sensor modules themselves — allowing us to push software upgrades whenever needed to keep them as secure and up-to-date as possible. This way, you don't have to ever change sensors just to upgrade their software!

Enterprise-Level Security & Data Protection

We work with large, multi-national cooperations and government agencies, so security and the protection of your data are of paramount importance to us. Sensor data is collected and sent from our sensors is secured in multiple ways. All data is encrypted from the Chainvu Intelligent Sensors to the Chainvu Zone Managers, and then again to the Chainvu Cloud Servers. In addition, our sensors only interact with their assigned Zone Managers — they will not send or receive any data to any other device.

No-Brainer Investment

In the food and pharma industries, the average product safety recall can cost up to $100 million for the retrieval and disposal of recalled items alone. By using Chainvu's Intelligent Sensors, you can be confident that your products are safe to consume or, if there was an exception, you can quickly pinpoint and remediate the problem — making the return-on-investment almost immediate!


  • 325 ft.  (100m) Bluetooth connectivity range
  • 5-7 years battery life depending on use
  • 10 ft. (3m) localization capability (unique in the market)