Cloud Services

Providing traceability, transparency, and visibility across the entire supply chain

Blockchain implementations, by definition, require multiple partners with a common goal — for example, a supply chain consisting of small family farms producing chicken for a large, multi-national processor and marketer of poultry products, with various packaging, distribution, transportation, storage, and other stops along the way before they reach the store shelf and ultimately the consumer's plate.

While the sensors and zone managers do all the hard legwork of tracking, tracing, monitoring, and managing, it is the Cloud Services, Chainvu's SaaS business application layer, that pulls it all together — providing transparency across multiple supply chain members and generating visibility needed in large multi-location organizations. 

Supply Chain Wide, Automated, And Tamperproof Traceability

Chainvu's smart logistics solution cracks one of the biggest nuts in the food supply chain (pun intended): providing 100% product traceability throughout the entire supply chain. It is also automated, error, and tamper proof.

While most available blockchain solutions rely on people or machines scanning stickers attached to products, our solution takes a different approach: we combine blockchain technology with smart sensors that monitor the environment and location of your product, while cloud services and analytics provide you with actionable insights. This way, the data entered into the blockchain is reliable and fraud-proof.

Automated Supply Chain Wide Product Safety & Integrity

While other blockchain-based smart logistics solutions cover traceability, they neglect two crucial factors: product safety and integrity! Because Chainvu's solution includes Chainvu Intelligent Sensors (CIS), you are able to monitor your product's location as well as environmental influences that might accelerate the spoilage process or damage your product. This includes, for example, temperature, humidity, shock, light, and lack of a vacuum seal. The Cloud Services component of the Chainvu platform lets you interact and manage these.

Regulatory Compliance & Food Safety Audits

Food safety audits and regulatory compliance should be automatically done by the systems you work with, yet today they eat up a significant amount of resources, time, and budget. The right documentation is often difficult to produce.

With Chainvu's Cloud Services, you not only eliminate the guesswork but also the workload involved as your regulatory body becomes a blockchain member. This way, compliance reporting is getting updates automatically and is visible and verifiable for all stakeholders. 


Did you know that most extra virgin olive oil in stores is fake, altered, or of lower quality? And olive oil isn't the only product prone to food fraud. However, today's discerning customers are concerned about healthier, cleaner, and more sustainable products. They read labels, educate themselves more than ever before, and they are willing to pay more for quality. But they want to be sure that what they are doling out hard-earned money for is what the label says it is. Consequently, provenance is a crucial foundation for consumers' trust in premium brands. 

With the Chainvu solution, food producers and retailers alike can offer their consumers detailed end-to-end data tracing on a product from fork to farm. 

Smart Contracts Beyond Electronic Proof of Delivery

Blockchain-based smart contracts have already had a significant impact on logistics — accelerating shipment acceptance and payment as well as eliminating considerable delays and costs. More importantly, an immutable, end-to-end safety record from creation to final sale can provide unprecedented security for producers, distributors, and consumers.

That’s why Chainvu operates its own smart contract service for the Chainvu community. While it interacts with trip-level smart contract services operated by other parties, Chainvu is going beyond Electronic Proof of Delivery solely based on arrival — adding product safety and integrity as a condition of acceptance.