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Our Culture

We are very proud of the culture that we have built at Chainvu. Not to stroke our own egos, but, we are a pretty awesome group of people - wicked smart, unique, super passionate, and hilarious - who work really hard to support our mission of food sustainability and pharma safety.

Based out of the One Eleven Tech Hub in downtown Toronto, we are focused on developing powerful new technology to prevent food safety incidents and food fraud, and being a part of the massive tidal shift towards sustainability and traceability.

This culture that we’ve created, based on trust, caring and making an impact, did not happen by accident. We all work hard at sustaining this workplace that we want to be a part of and contribute every day to our synchronized masterpieces.

Our Values

1. Passion: We spend our time and efforts on what fuels us. We know that we are more productive and happier when our actions are aligned with our passions.

2. Knowledge Sharing: We believe that power is gained by sharing knowledge and not hoarding it. We are genuinely interested in learning together and helping each other develop new capacities for action.

3. Empowerment & Elevating One Another: We empower our employees by giving them autonomy and authority of their work, their masterpiece. Everyone gets a seat at the table and participates in decision-making processes.

4. Transparency: Chainvu communicates transparently with its employees, and employees engage in honest dialogue with each other. True, constructive and respectful criticism is the best way to see and understand who we really are.

5. Relentless Self-Improvement: Processes, technology, creativity, and culture all demand innovation. We look at everything and ask how it can be made better.  We are relentless in our pursuit to make everything we do tomorrow better and smarter than we do today.

6. We Have Each Other’s Back: We are committed to a 'we are all in this together!' mentality as it nurtures our relationships and elevates our collective performance as an organization.


Fully Stocked Office Snacks and Fresh Fruit. Every month we stock up on healthy snacks and enjoy weekly deliveries of fresh fruits every Monday!

Very Generous & Competitive Benefits Package. We offer comprehensive and flexible health, dental, & life insurance that is extremely competitive and in the top percentile, as well as a super generous Health Spending Account (HSA).

Employee Stock Option Plan. We offer stock options to all of our full-time employees.

Located in North America’s Largest Scaleup Hub. We have 24/7 access to 1-11’s work space and facilities (such as the wellness room where you can nap!) and unparalleled access to a highly-curated peer network, monthly lunches, events, workshops and access to join 20+ community clubs.

Monthly Team Lunches. Each month right before our company all-hands meeting we all enjoy a healthy team lunch.

Cultural Ambassador Program. Each quarter, the company votes in a cultural ambassador. This individual plays a big role in ensuring positive work culture by checking in with employees, addressing any concerns, assisting with a cultural fit for job interviews and organizing fun perks for the staff, to boost company morale.

Open Positions

  • Full-Stack Software Developer
  • Senior UI/UX Designer
  • Senior Test Engineer (coming soon)
  • Field Support Engineer (coming soon)
  • Documentation Specialist (coming soon)
  • Senior Database Design Engineer (coming soon)
  • Director of Web Services Development (coming soon)

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