About Chainvu

Learn more about the story and mission behind Chainvu.

Our Story

Chainvu was founded in April 2018 by Bob Burrows, CEO, Pradeep Arora, Director of IT Systems, and Sylvain Louchez, with the goal of revolutionizing supply chain logistics! Chainvu gives the entire supply chain actionable product visibility and 100% traceability of products — live at every step.  

Our goal is to create an interactive, global community of supply chain members that leverages blockchain, Internet of Things, and other cutting-edge technologies to improve their social and environmental impact globally, cooperate rather than compete for better and more seamless customer experiences, and establish long-term competitive advantages, e.g., by allowing consumers to trace products back to their origin.


Chainvu Was Born

The idea for Chainvu was born in 2015. It was turned into reality in April 2018 by three strategic-minded entrepreneurs.


Chainvu Receives Seed Funding

The seed funding provided by NY-based Leonite Capital in November 2018 was to be used for talent acquisition and to accelerate sales and marketing.


Chainvu CEO Gets Invited To The World Economic Forum

Bob Burrows, CEO, participates in the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer to further increase the company's impact while facilitating real global change.

Our Mission

Chainvu's mission is to revolutionize supply chain logistics in the food, pharma, and other high-value industries by providing all members of the supply chain with actionable product visibility, monitoring, and 100% traceability — thereby drastically reducing spoilage, waste, and fraud while increasing product integrity, safety, and provenance.