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Autonomous Agents Revolutionizing Logistics

A Chainvu agent is a smart, location and an environmentally aware sensor attached to hard assets in your supply chain. Unlike conventional Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, you don’t spend time and money attaching and removing sensors on shipped goods. An Agent’s only job is to report on the location, status, and safety of your goods as they make their way through the supply chain. Agents have turned the logistics industry on its head by replacing old-school inspections and paper-based contracts with real-time information sharing.
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Profitable Goods Security, Safety, Sustainability

The more you track with Chainvu, the more you save

Chainvu technology is embedded within your distribution channel and customized to monitor and report on anything you want to capture. Your up-front investment quickly turns into a source of recurring cost savings that go directly to your bottom line year after year. Compared to outdated, paper-based methods, the competitive advantage is clear.
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Chainvu – Logistics and Beyond

Real-time monitoring is the key to savings

The Chainvu approach offers eyes on the ground at all times. Our goods are watching out for your goods and the information gathered by Chainvu software is monitored in real time, not simply stored in a cloud for analysis in the future. By then, it’s too late to react and losses are incurred.

Agents embedded in your distribution infrastructure receive detailed instructions from a network of Coordinators that can pinpoint locations and conditions as products move through their journey. All data is then captured, monitored, and visualized instantly to act as an early warning system for failure or risk.

The entire network is constructed to provide you with the information you need to react in time and prevent damage or loss.
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Agents are autonomous components embedded in your distribution infrastructure. Once on-board, they can be instructed to gather whatever real-time information you need to protect your shipments and your profits.
Coordinators operate as continuous connection points for Agents. Coordinators are constantly gathering mission-critical data and providing real- time assistance and notifications to people and systems on the spot. Coordinators participate directly in blockchain services.
Oversight does exactly what its name suggests. It provides the high-level oversight that manages all Coordinators and Agents ensuring goods protection and tracking throughout the supply chain. It creates safety reports, and live management dashboards and inventory visibility supply chain wide.
Smart Contracts, Compliance
Smart contracts can be written to replace many of the time-consuming and error-prone steps that can lead to delays and losses. Contracts written into the Chainvu blockchain can instantly confirm when things are on track or need immediate attention.

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