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Chainvu is the next evolution in logistics providing 100% traceability, monitoring, and protection across your supply chain.

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Today's supply chains include dozens of steps, hand-offs, and third parties — making visibility, traceability, and transparency across the entire supply chain extremely difficult, if not impossible. This can result in product safety incidents and recalls, fraud, and consumer trust issues.

Chainvu's unique smart supply chain logistics solution, which combines blockchain with smart sensors, solves all these issues — drastically reducing waste, spoilage, and resources needed.

Food & Beverage


Why Chainvu


100% Automated Traceability

Only Chainvu provides a complete blockchain-based supply chain traceability solution using smart sensors to monitor and protect your goods end-to-end.


Instant Exception Alerts

Chainvu sends you instant notifications if potentially damaging changes, e.g., temperature, humidity, shock, pressure, and light, are detected.


Supply Chain Wide Visibility

Never lose sight of your products again — even once they leave your facility. With Chainvu, you have clear visibility across the entire supply chain.


Tamper & Error Proof

Chainvu doesn't use unreliable data entry methods such as scanning stickers, but securely automates the process using sensors.


Reduce Spoilage & Waste

By proactively monitoring environmental conditions that accelerate spoilage, you will drastically reduce the amount of food being wasted — making your organization more sustainable.


Efficient Food Safety Recalls

Drastically reduce the impact of food safety recalls by completing trace-backs within seconds as well as quickly identifying, retrieving, and disposing of potentially contaminated products.

Our Customers

Because our solution is so versatile, our customers include all members of the supply chains, especially in the food, pharma, chemical, automotive, and other high-value industries.

This includes anyone from small family farms to multi-national mega corporations, as well as distribution and transportation organizations, pallet, Reusable Plastic Container (RPC) companies, retailers, processors, and other supply chain partners.

Chainvu offers a unique advantage to its clients that neither blockchain solution providers nor sensor companies can offer: the power of constant, accurate monitoring bundled and integrated with a powerful blockchain platform that is scalable and adaptable to the needs of both small suppliers and large enterprises.
Bob Burrows
CEO Chainvu

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